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all my ideas and drawings and stuff

why dont you have a look

hope you enjoy my work^^

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works from other artists that i like



sanuso by skydayley143
Kinda went overboard with the background but meh.
happy birthday usoppu!!!! by skydayley143
happy birthday usoppu!!!!
Its my babys birthday. I seriously cant put into words how much I love this guy.hes helped me so much in life~

To our brave worrior of the sea!
                                                           The trade

How long had it been since he’d had a cigarette. Hours...days..he couldn’t tell any more. It had in fact been a week since sanji had been thrown into this dark dirty place of coarse he wouldn’t have known that. The blond was in pretty bad shape after a beating from the guards and had been thrown into this rusted old room fellow inmates call the hole.

It was a pretty simple job. So why did it go so wrong. When sanji was on the outside he belonged to a club called the baraties they managed guns, drugs and any other business that they could get their hands on at the time. The blond was well know for the way he fought he vowed when he joined never to use his hands when fighting. His hands were very important to him they were only meant for two things: cooking and holding ladies. So he would kick the shit out of anyone that wronged him instead He was an interesting character indeed.
How he got into the hell is was in know wasn’t his fault this time. He had to take the wrap for one of his men who messed up on a deal they were doing with a fellow club but he would deal with him once he got out. Right now all he could focus on was the fact that he needed a damn cigarette.

“shitty guards throwing me in here and roughing me up for no damn reason. Fuck!”

The blond cursed kicking one of the dirty walls in a rage. He paused when he heard footsteps approaching. He knew it was the guards again, rubbing his arm where they got him pretty bad sanji leaned against the wall waiting for their entry.

“all right boy. You learn your lesson now?”

One of the guards was tall with blond hair and always wore these big annoying glasses. He was the one sanji always got beatings from weather he had done something or not. The other guard was a woman that took sanjis breath away every time he saw her. She had long dark hair and always had a cig in her mouth. The only thing was she had a gun for an arm he forever wondered what happened to her original arm. Still sanji wasn’t keen on talking to either of them right now so he merely grunted turning his head to the side.

“I think he’s done his time don’t you miss 5. take him back to the other prisoners”

The tall man opened the cell door with a demonic grin. He grabbed the beaten blond by his orange collar making him flinch. Sanji wasn’t one to cower in front of his enemies but prison life was tough and you had to learn that some fights were just not worth getting killed over.
You just had to learn to take a beating every once and a while otherwise you may end up getting a lot worse. The next thing he knew the cuffs were on and he was being escorted away by the lovely dark haired woman. Guess today wasn’t so bad.

“oh you need me~ of coarse sir ill get it done right away!”

the woman waved with a big beautiful grin cigarette poking out of her mouth. Making sanji turn away. He really needed one right now and even the guards beauty wasn’t enough to distract him.

A few moments later he was back in the shared space of the prisoners. It was so bright and crowded sanji had been in darkness for so long he’d forgotten what it was like. Squinting he made his way out of the noise and light into a dark corner where all the newbies and antisocial inmates hanged out. The blond was in a fowl mood, not only did he have no smokes, he had to sit and watch all these shitty inmates fight over idiotic things. One particular inmate with green hair and and a stupid sense of direction decided to kick his injured leg on the way back to his cell. Sanji would’ve started a fight with him. But he knew that would mean more beatings and time in the hole and that was the last thing he needed. There was one thing that was bothering him though. Ever since he had sat down here.

Someone had been watching him.
The trade
started a new fic hopefully ill finish this one.

sanji finds himself in prison after a deal went wrong with his club,baratie. all he can think about is having a smoke, but how far will he be willing to go.
sanuso prison au
yay its our captains birthday today make sure to bring him tons of meat maybe a meat cake!!!!!! 
I must apologise I haven't been arting alot lately but never fear summer is almost here! And ill have more time to art^^
For now though happy birthday luffy and I gotta do colleger work such fun-_-
Catch you guys later^^
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Artist | Student | Traditional Art
United Kingdom
Hey there!!! Nice to see you here this is just a place for me to express myself so please enjoy my wild creations.
my interests are anime especially one piece i am not gonna list all my fave anime because that will take years i also spend my life sketching, eating, drinking, reading manga, sleeping, yaoi.....basically being a gigantic anime obsessed dork so...yeah i hope you all enjoy my wild creations!

Aromantic asexual / genderfluid

*heavy breathing* sanjis....suits....

I RP usopp here:
so dont be shy come on by it will be fun!^^

One Piece Strawhats Stamp by Zocho One Piece Usopp Stamp by erjanks One Piece Sanji Stamp by erjanksCom - Yaoi Fangirls by Haters-Gonna-Hate-Me
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